November | Decorative Hardware | Halco Showroom

November | Decorative Hardware | Halco Showroom

Hardware serves two equally important roles in the design of your kitchen; function and fashion. They create easy access to cabinet doors, drawers and storage while embellishing cabinets with flair or a pop of color.

Though the main objective for decorative hardware is to serve as an accent without taking away from the overall design, that doesn’t mean these elements can be overlooked. Peele explains, “Complementary hardware creates consistency in design by not only enhancing the overall look, but also by tying it all together.”

Similar to choosing cabinet door styles, decorative hardware should blend with the overall style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a raised panel door with rope profiling, an intricate piece of hardware would pair well. Whereas, a shaker door would be greatly complimented by a sleek pull.

Color and finish are also a factor, whether looking to make a statement and stand out or blend in with the colors and appearance. Keep in mind the finish of your appliances and the color of your countertop/backsplash as well, matching all of these points will create uniformity and professionalism.

The two main styles of hardware are knobs and pulls (or handles). When it comes down to deciding which style to get, it’s all about personal preference and taste. Either style can come in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs that all portray the final look you’re wishing to achieve. Knobs and pulls can also be combined within the same area. For instance, knobs are placed on doors while pulls are placed on drawers. There is no wrong way to add this simple yet statement setting accent to any kitchen!

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