January | Specialty Cabinets | Halco Showroom

January | Specialty Cabinets | Halco Showroom

Every kitchen serves the exact same purpose yet each one is unique in design, style and product. What makes them unique? Door style, countertop, hardware, backsplash, lighting, color, specialty cabinets and everything in between.

There are so many elements to consider when designing a kitchen and each one makes a difference. When moving beyond the outside appeal and inside the cabinets, function becomes more important than fashion. Specialty cabinets are used to complete a specific task and increase productivity. They can replace or be incorporated into any one of the drawer, wall cabinets, appliances, shelving units, and end cabinets.

These cabinet styles vary depending on the cabinet line. The low-expense brands tend to have fewer options while the higher-expense brands have many more. Although these cabinets are never required in any kitchen design, they are highly sought after for their productivity and ease of use.

Some popular examples include spice pull outs, wine racks, drawer pull outs, tray dividers, utensil dividers, and trash pullouts. Depending on how the kitchen is most used determines which cabinets would be most useful in that space. Like to Cook? Spice pull out. Going green? Trash and recycle pull out. Baker? Tray divider. These cabinets add a highly personalized tough to the kitchen that suit those in it most.

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