Creating A Functional Kitchen

Creating A Functional Kitchen

A little organizing goes a long way.

Each and every home owner uses their kitchen in a unique way, which makes the custom design plan so useful. Pick and choose what goes where in order to best serve the needs of those in the kitchen the most. While designing it’s important to keep in mind what is going in each of the cabinets as well.

For maximum productivity in the kitchen it’s important to place items in cabinets closest to where they’ll be used. For instance, cooking utensils should be placed in a drawer to the left or right of the range for quick and easy access while cooking.

Cabinet manufactures are also becoming more intentional with the latest designs, creating cabinets for one specific purpose. Here are a few examples: spice racks are designed to conveniently hold all spices in one place that is easy to find and store. Most often the spice racks are placed on either side of the range for quick use. Their small width makes them easy to put just about anywhere. Cutlery divided drawer trays make for easy organization. Place these near the dishwasher for quick unloading or under the plate cabinet for easy place setting. Wherever you spend most time preparing food, have your cutting boards, knives and mixing bowls in close proximity.

At the end of the day, your kitchen needs to work best for you and your family. These are just a few tips and tricks to help create a function kitchen.